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Sell your property with no upfront fees for only 1% commission

You can now sell your Scottish Highlands property for only 1% commission with All The Seasons with the great service we provide to all our clients.

When selling a home in Scotland, you have the option of hiring either a solicitor or an estate agent to act as your selling agent. Either option is acceptable. In addition to that, the costs can be quite high which is why we keep our charges as keen as we possibly can. When you hire a selling agent to handle the sale of one of your most valuable financial assets, they will typically charge you thousands of pounds.

Unlike many agents we do not hide our fees as we are proud of being one of the best value estate agents in Scotland.

Your home will be advertised in the most effective manner possible, this will allow you to fetch the highest potential price for the sale of your property. According to the findings of research, the majority of the time the additional amount that a professional selling agent is able to sell your property for more than covers the expense of hiring that agent to sell your home.

The vast majority of houses and flats that are up for sale require a home report, which must be made available to prospective purchasers. In certain situations, such as when you want to sell your home to an individual privately rather than putting it up for sale on the market, you are exempt from the obligation to compile a home inspection report.

The home report must be compiled, and it is the responsibility of the individual who is marketing the property. That individual is the seller of the property, unless they have hired an agent to sell the property on their behalf and given that individual the obligation of selling the property.

The home report on a piece of real estate can't be older than three months at the most when it's put up for sale on the market.

A house report is comprised of the following three sections:

a single inspection of the property together with a report on its energy usage
a property questionnaire.