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At an elevation of 626 metres (2053 feet) above mean sea level, the Bealach nam Bo is the highest pass in Scotland. Due to the presence of a number of hairpin curves throughout its length, the road is not recommended for novice drivers, caravans, or people with a worried nature. The views of the Applecross hills, the Cuillins of Skye, and the bay, on the other hand, are just breathtaking. The coast road gives breathtaking vistas of the Torridon Mountains and Loch Torridon, in addition to providing an alternative route for travellers who are unsure about the Bealach pass. The splendour and majesty of this rocky shoreline never fails to leave an impression on the visitor, no matter which path they choose to take to get there.

The Bealach pass road comes in from the south, and the coast road comes in from the north. This place is a respite from the loudness and bustle of modern life because it only has a couple hundred people living there, and there are only two routes that lead there. Applecross is the name given to the entire peninsula, and the community is made up of several different crofting townships that stretch from the north to the south of the peninsula. These townships are as follows: Ardheslaig, Kenmore, Fearnabeag, Fearnamor, Cuaig, Lonbain, Applecross Bay & Shore St, Milltown, Camusteil, Camusterrach, Culduie, Ard Dubh, and Toscaig It is in your best interest to investigate all of these dispersed places because all of the businesses that are featured on our website can be found there. Many tourists simply drive through the pass, park their cars at the bay, and then continue on their way. Spend some time here, discover the surrounding area, and get to know all of the tucked-away treasures that make up the Applecross community.
The name of the location in Gaelic, which translates to "The Sanctuary," is "a Chomraich."
It is not the simplest spot to get to, but the journey or the time you spend here, no matter how small, will remain ingrained in your memory forever.
If the clouds have lifted, you will be able to witness views that are often only accessible to mountaineers when you travel over a road that is 2053 feet long and is called the Bealach na Ba. You won't want to look away from the breathtaking views of the Outer Hebrides and the mountains to the south of Kintail until it's time to head back down to the hamlet for some warmth and nutrition.

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